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I would like to welcome you to the new Catch22 PPP website.  I am excited and honoured to be working with a group of professionals who are passionate about supporting young people marginalised from mainstream education.

Having worked across London in various capacities- Head of EAL, Director of Learning to SENCO, I only know full well the impact on young people who struggle to manage themselves in a mainstream setting. One size does not fit all.

Here at PPP, we provide wraparound care for the young person and their families. Yes it is about an education and my staff do their utmost to ensure every individual leaves with the best possible outcomes. But it is also about the other factors which embed themselves in a young person’s life that they may not have control over or have the means to understand the consequences of their actions. We listen. We are patient and we care.

We know it is not easy. But at Catch22 PPP we provide a safe place, a sense of purpose and resilient and caring people who only want the very best for the young people who come to us.

I look forward to welcoming you to Catch22 PPP West London.


Claudia Giarrusso

Headteacher - West London